Wilhelma, Wilhelma 13, 70376 Stuttgart

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Wilhelma is the only zoological-botanical garden in Germany and one of the most species-rich zoos in the world.
The tour gives an insight behind the scenes of Wilhelma - exploring areas that are not possible during a visit: In the exclusive tour, district managers, veterinarians or curators go behind the scenes and you find out how from an expert perspective  the operation of a modern zoological-botanical garden works.

The zoological and botanical garden is embedded in a historic palace complex built between 1846 and 1866.
The inner garden of the entire complex, known as the Moorish Garden, was built parallel to the adjacent Moorish country house and is considered the heart of Wilhelma.
Note: There is no direct contact with animals during the tour! You are welcome to stay in the Wilhelma after the tour.

► Registration & advance booking required
► Admission 33 € (all charges included) including guided tour and subsequent unlimited stay in the "Wilhelma"
► Meet at 1:45 p.m. at the main entrance

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Wilhelma 13
70376 Stuttgart

► ÖPNV: U14 or U13 to "Wilhelma" stop (